Special Issue Article

Advancing the Scientific Understanding of Trust and Culture in Negotiations

  • Dejun Tony Kong
  • Jingjing Yao


Trust plays a crucial role throughout the entire negotiation process, and culture adds more complexity to the meaning, functions, and dynamics of trust in negotiations. We take a modest step to provide some insights on trust and culture in the context of negotiations and envision what opportunities are ahead of us in this area. Specifically, we provide a “cognitive map” based on the collective wisdom in the extant negotiation literature and focus on raising important questions about six key culture‐related issues that warrant future research: (a) the meaning of trust, (b) the effects of trust, (c) trust development, (d) trust and distrust, (e) trust repair, and (f) trust in virtual negotiations.

Keywords: trust, negotiation, culture, trust development, distrust, trust repair

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Kong, D. & Yao, J., (2019) “Advancing the Scientific Understanding of Trust and Culture in Negotiations”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 12(2), 117-130. doi: https://doi.org/10.34891/k2hf-a032

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Published on
13 Feb 2019
Peer Reviewed