Innovations in Doing Conflict Research: The Legacy of Daniel Druckman

  • Nimet Beriker
  • Susan Allen
  • Mary Jo Larson
  • Lynn Wagner


This article celebrates Daniel (Dan) Druckman, the recipient of the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM), and provides glimpses of his career through the lens of his former graduate students and current colleagues. Our accounts illustrate Dan's teaching philosophy as teaching by doing, his long‐lasting passion for pragmatic, evidence‐based analysis; his innovative application of research methods; and his international outreach. Each narrated experience demonstrates how Dan's holistic understanding of scholarship and his creative teaching, science, and practice have influenced the next generations of scholars. These accounts are integrated with a systematic analysis of Dan's publications to display his persistence in pushing the boundaries of the field by synthesizing variables, building theories, and bridging micro‐level interactions to the broader political environment. The article concludes with remarks by Daniel Druckman.

Keywords: comparative case studies, Daniel Druckman legacy, flexibility, interdisciplinary research, mentoring, research methods, simulation, synthesis

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Beriker, N. & Allen, S. & Larson, M. & Wagner, L., (2017) “Innovations in Doing Conflict Research: The Legacy of Daniel Druckman”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 11(1), 72-87. doi:

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Published on
16 Oct 2017
Peer Reviewed