Robert R. Blake, With Recognition of Jane S. Mouton

  • Deborah A. Cai
  • Edward L. Fink (Temple University)
  • Cameron B. Walker (Temple University)


This article reviews the life and contribution of Dr. Robert R. Blake, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1994 from the International Association for Conflict Management for his pioneering work and prolific career in the field of conflict management. As a longtime co‐author and collaborator, Dr. Jane S. Mouton certainly would have been joint recipient of this award if it were not for her death in 1987: The vast majority of their research was published together. Jane Mouton and Robert Blake became famous for their promotion of the Managerial Leadership Grid and through their work as consultants to a variety of professions and organizations. But there is much more to Robert Blake's career and contributions than the Grid. Together, Blake and Mouton were tremendously influential in their work on managerial leadership and organizational development.

Keywords: managerial grid, organizational leadership, Jane Mouton, Robert Blake

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Cai, D. & Fink, E. L. & Walker, C. B., (2021) “Robert R. Blake, With Recognition of Jane S. Mouton”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 14(1). doi:



Published on
28 Feb 2021
Peer Reviewed