Theory to Practice: Reflections on a Consulting Life

  • Daniel Druckman (Macquarie University)


In this essay, I recount my career experiences as a research consultant in Washington DC. These experiences, over the course of 23 years, provide examples of how theory and research can be used to guide practice. The account is chronological, beginning with my first consulting assignment in 1975, where I worked with a US delegation on resolving a negotiation impasse, to the 1990s where I directed study groups on a variety of human performance and international conflict resolution topics. These projects consisted both of applications of research‐based knowledge and the generation of research ideas for new projects. By immersing myself in both theory and practice, I could transform basic research into applied insights and induce research ideas from practice. This was the kind of career that Jeff Rubin aspired to having. The IACM Rubin award recognizes the way that his aspiration was fulfilled by one of his colleagues.

Keywords: theory and practice, Rubin award, international conflict resolution, consulting career

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Druckman, D., (2019) “Theory to Practice: Reflections on a Consulting Life”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 13(2), 163-179. doi:

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Published on
12 Feb 2019
Peer Reviewed