Connections and Collaboration—Celebrating the Contributions of Barbara Gray

  • Jill Purdy
  • Jennifer Kish‐Gephart
  • Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca
  • Shaz Ansari


In July 2017, Dr. Barbara Gray was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the IACM during its 30th annual conference in Berlin, Germany. In this tribute article, we celebrate Barbara's unique and varied contributions to our understanding of conflict and collaboration. We highlight multiple aspects of Barbara's scholarly work including research on (a) intergroup conflict and organizational change, (b) power and conflict dynamics, (c) frames and framing, and (d) shared meanings and institutional theory approaches to conflict and conflict resolution. In reviewing this work, we recognize Barbara's lifelong concern for social justice and environmental sustainability, her pioneering use of qualitative methods, and her ongoing commitment to the development of young scholars.

Keywords: conflict management, multiparty negotiations, power and status, framing, social justice, environmental conflict

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Purdy, J. & Kish‐Gephart, J. & Labianca, G. & Ansari, S., (2018) “Connections and Collaboration—Celebrating the Contributions of Barbara Gray”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 11(1), 88-107. doi:

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Published on
15 Jan 2018
Peer Reviewed