Celebrating the Work of J. Keith Murnighan

  • Donald E. Conlon
  • Max H. Bazerman
  • Deepak Malhotra
  • Madan M. Pillutla


In this tribute to the 2015 recipient of the International Association for Conflict Management Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, we celebrate the work of J. Keith Murnighan. Each of us highlights a unique contribution of his research to a different area in the field of organizational behavior. The four areas we discuss are behavioral economics, experimental design, diversity, and ethics. We conclude our discussion of the four research areas by highlighting common themes suggested by this work. The article closes by giving Keith Murnighan “the final say” to reflect on our article and to impart his words of wisdom to doctoral students and scholars at different stages of their career.

Keywords: ethics, faultlines, diversity, experimental design, behavioral economics

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Conlon, D. & Bazerman, M. & Malhotra, D. & Pillutla, M., (2016) “Celebrating the Work of J. Keith Murnighan”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 9(4), 332-344. doi:

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Published on
19 Oct 2016
Peer Reviewed