Paths to Negotiation Success

  • Jane A. Halpert
  • Alice F. Stuhlmacher
  • Jeffrey L. Crenshaw
  • Christopher D. Litcher
  • Ryan Bortel


This article presents a multi‐variable model of the negotiation process and tests it via a series of meta‐analyses and follow‐up path analyses. Negotiator goals, relationships, expectations, and behavior are tested as predictors of (a) the profit‐or‐loss outcome of the negotiation, (b) the negotiator’s perceptions of the other party, and (c) the negotiator’s satisfaction with the negotiation. A path model was tested based on separate meta‐analyses to create the correlation table of the seven variables. The findings demonstrate that to be successful, negotiations should focus on goals and cooperation within the negotiation. High goals and positive relationships started negotiators on the path to successful outcomes.

Keywords: cooperation, relationships, negotiation

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Halpert, J. & Stuhlmacher, A. & Crenshaw, J. & Litcher, C. & Bortel, R., (2010) “Paths to Negotiation Success”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 3(2), 91-116. doi:

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Published on
01 Apr 2010
Peer Reviewed