Negotiating Pregnancy at Work: Public and Private Conflicts

  • Danna Greenberg
  • Jamie Ladge
  • Judy Clair


While pregnancy in the workplace is a fairly common occurrence today, there are still numerous covert and overt biases women must navigate when pregnant at work. Current research on pregnancy in the workplace has primarily highlighted the substantive negotiations that pregnant women engage in with regards to maternity leave and role definition. In this study, we move beyond existing research to explore the full range of issues pregnant women negotiate in the workplace. Through in‐depth interviews with 30 professional women who were pregnant for the first time, we identify both intrapersonal and interpersonal issues women negotiate during pregnancy and we explore why these issues arise and how women respond to them. We conclude with a discussion of the implications of this study for both theory and practice.

Keywords: work–life management, interpersonal conflict, intrapersonal conflict, negotiation, pregnancy

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Greenberg, D. & Ladge, J. & Clair, J., (2009) “Negotiating Pregnancy at Work: Public and Private Conflicts”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 2(1), 42-56. doi:

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Published on
18 Jan 2009
Peer Reviewed