Mediators’ and Disputing Parties’ Perceptions of Trust‐Building in Family Mediation

  • Joan Albert Riera Adrover
  • María Elena Cuartero Castañer
  • Juan José Montaño Moreno


Different studies have demonstrated that trust‐building between mediators and disputing parties is a basic factor in the success of mediation processes. The aim of this study was to conduct an integrated analysis of mediation by taking into account the perceptions of mediators working for the Mediation Service and those of the service users over a period of one year. The obtained results show statistically significant differences in the two groups’ analyzed response patterns associated with a series of factors that predict trust‐building (the mediator's legal expertise; suggesting an alternative; sincerity; focusing on settling the dispute; the appointment of a mediator by public authorities and/or by a recognized service; focusing on the parties’ common goals; highlighting the rules of mediation; and devoting some time to talking about informal matters). The identification of these factors contributes to improved training and professional practices in the field of mediation.

Keywords: trust, rapport, therapeutic alliance, relationship of support, mediation

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Riera Adrover, J. & Cuartero Castañer, M. & Montaño Moreno, J., (2019) “Mediators’ and Disputing Parties’ Perceptions of Trust‐Building in Family Mediation”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 13(2), 151-162. doi:

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Published on
15 Oct 2019
Peer Reviewed