Celebrating the Work of Jeanne M. Brett: Building Bridges and Making Connections

  • Wendi L. Adair
  • Kristin J Behfar (University of Virginia)
  • Mara Olekalns (University of Melbourne)
  • Debra L Shapiro (University of Maryland)


In this tribute to the 2009 recipient of the International Association for Conflict Management Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, we celebrate the work of Jeanne M. Brett. Each of us highlights a few unique contributions from four areas of Jeanne's research: (a) getting disputes resolved (Debra Shapiro); (b) negotiating globally (Wendi Adair); (c) illuminating the shadow box of negotiation process (Mara Olekalns); and (d) managing team processes (Kristin Behfar). Together we identify common themes across these areas of Jeanne's research and invite Jeanne to reflect on future research opportunities and impart her words of wisdom to doctoral students and young scholars.

Keywords: conflict management, teams, culture, dispute resolution, negotiation

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Adair, W. & Behfar, K. J. & Olekalns, M. & Shapiro, D. L., (2016) “Celebrating the Work of Jeanne M. Brett: Building Bridges and Making Connections”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 9(4), 292-308. doi:

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Published on
19 Oct 2016
Peer Reviewed