Leveling the Playing Field: Negotiating Opportunities and Recognition in Gendered Jobs

  • Louise Marie Roth


In gendered jobs, how do women and men negotiate opportunities to perform and receive recognition for their accomplishments? Women face disadvantages negotiating the workplace, especially in male‐dominated positions, while men receive advantages even in female‐dominated jobs. This article uses research on gender inequality on Wall Street to illustrate how gender schemas sustain gender inequality in career opportunities, access to networks and mentors, and evaluations of performance. Women on Wall Street faced exclusionary networks and assumptions that men were more competent at finance. The article then focuses on strategies that some women on Wall Street have used to successfully negotiate career opportunities and recognition. These strategies include developing expertise, specializing in financial products, and seeking positions with objective performance criteria.

Keywords: Wall Street, in‐group preference, status expectations, gender inequality, gender schemas

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Roth, L., (2009) “Leveling the Playing Field: Negotiating Opportunities and Recognition in Gendered Jobs”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 2(1), 17-30. doi:

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Published on
18 Jan 2009
Peer Reviewed