Negotiating Disciplines: A Model of Integrative Public Relations from a Conflict-Resolution Perspective

  • Yi-Hui Christine Huang orcid logo (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Qinxian Cai orcid logo (City University of Hong Kong)


This paperinvestigates potential cross-fertilizations of public relations and conflictmanagement. We first address criticisms of the two-way symmetricalcommunication model and Excellence theory in the field of public relations inorder to highlight how concepts borrowed from negotiation and conflictmanagement scholarship can remedy those concerns. Ultimately, we theorize anintegrative public relations model that outlines a conflict-resolutionperspective of public relations. Multiple scenarios and contexts in which thismodel might be applied include: contexts where high value is placed onlong-term relationships; processes characterized by repeated, serial exchangesof information and communications between contending parties; conflictscenarios characterized by multiple issues entangled in strongly complex ways;situations where minimal power asymmetry exists between an organization and itspublics; contexts characterized by openness to information sharing andexchange; and contexts where a high importance is placed on trust. Finally, acase illustrates how integrative public relations can be leveraged. We concludewith our model’s implications for public relations and conflict management.

Keywords: integrative public relations, conflict management, integrative negotiation, win-win

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Huang, Y. C. & Cai, Q., (2022) “Negotiating Disciplines: A Model of Integrative Public Relations from a Conflict-Resolution Perspective”, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 15(2). doi:

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Published on
13 Apr 2022
Peer Reviewed